March 20, 2012


My after dinner snack of choice…cheese & wine! & of course my FAVORITE Carr Crackers which we buy in bulk from Costco. My current cheese obsession is called Earthy Brie and it is made by Wegman’s Brand. (I eat it every night!)

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Categories: cheese

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  1. I’m originally from WI and a proud cheese head! :) I married an Upstate New Yorker and we debated the best cheeses over our 10+ years together. My favorites now are: EXTRA sharp (white) cheddar cheese from NY and VT, Juusto cheese (made in WI) of any flavor (garlic or jalapeno is probably my favorite) and something called Dubliner cheese, which is pretty fantastic, though hard to come by.

  2. Annette, EEEK! i could eat it all day. I am starting a cheese journal to go with our wine journal and am adding all of these to my list! thanks!! shari

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