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May 29, 2013

Top Gadgets for Your Kitchen This Year

It’s never a good sign if you feel fed up walking into your own kitchen. It doesn’t help that you feel demotivated because of the lack of appliances to help you make things interesting at mealtimes for your family.

However, if you have a bit of cash to splash, you can turn things around in your kitchen by investing in one of these new kitchen gadgets. You might be able to finally get off the instant coffee and treat yourself to a machine that uses coffee pods instead. Browse through this list to see what other kinds of gadgets you can spruce up your kitchen with.

Philips Avance Taste Infusion

For just under £100, you can buy a mini-barbecue which lets you infuse the meat you’re cooking with smoke, wine and herbs from the reservoirs built in at the back of the grill.

Put woodchips into the smoke reservoir to give the meat a smoky flavour. Then the liquid reservoir takes in wine, vegetable stock or other liquids. The centre of the grill is where you can really char your meat.

OrangeX Jupiter Juicer

This handy juicer will pulverise any fruit that you feed into it. After you’ve halved the fruit and placed it on the platform, you pound it with a pump-action lever that juices it almost instantly.

It’s great for making juice on the go as well as giving your arm an early morning workout!

Magimix Gelato Satin Steel

This ice cream maker is essential for the hot summer ahead. Best for sating spur-of-the-moment decisions to gorge on ice cream or sorbet, it whips up the dessert in a matter of 20 minutes with its own built-in freezer.

If you run out of ideas for making your own crazy flavours, you can always find a plethora of recipes online, or ice cream recipe books to go with your machine!

Onion Goggles

Say goodbye to your (onion chopping-induced) tears with these innovative pair of onion goggles which use a foam seal to prevent the onion vapours from getting in your eyes. Crying while chopping onions is a massive hassle and can really slow things down in the kitchen. However, with this pair of onion goggles, you won’t have to worry about watery, stinging eyes any more.

Kenwood ‘Fire Cracker’ kMix KMX84 Food Mixer

Apart from adding a sense of style to your kitchen, this food mixer really packs some punch – it isn’t just a pretty piece of design. It also comes armed with a full pastry kit as well as countless attachments so you can go to town with experimenting.

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