September 10, 2013

Creating the Illusion of Space in a Smaller Flat

You shouldn’t feel miffed about having to move into a flat that’s smaller than your last residence. Arranging and furnishing a smaller living space should be viewed as a challenge to be met, not as a sentence to serve.

A quick flip through home design magazines or blogs will leave you pleasantly surprised at the amount of things you can do to create the illusion of space in a smaller flat. A quick look at bettaliving.co.uk for instance, will show you some examples of what you can accomplish.

There are so many things you could do to enhance the space in your flat, but here are some of the basics:

Interior colours

It’s advisable to use light and neutral colours to give your flat a sense of space. Go for white, beige, grey and other similarly neutral colours. This gives the impression that your walls further back, as opposed to bringing them in.

You can enhance the effects you’ve achieved with the colours by using mirrors tactically; place them opposite windows so you can bounce natural light around the room to add an extra dimension.


Multi-functional furniture is the way forward in smaller spaces. You want pieces of furniture that provide storage, function and if you’re lucky, aesthetic pleasure. You can have a dining table with plenty of storage space beneath it, for instance, which can double as an office desk during the daytime if you work from home.

You should also be keeping an eye out for futons and fold out couches. They’re perfect if you don’t have a guest room, but love having people over to stay.

The same goes for your wardrobes too. Replace the ones you have with ones that have sliding doors, so they don’t use too much space. Try and get wardrobes that are as tall as possible, allowing you to store things in boxes at the bottom.

Utilising the hallway

It may initially seem like a bad idea to use the hallway to store things. If you do it in the right way however, it can really help de-clutter the rest of your flat. Cleverly located shelving is the perfect place to keep gloves, car keys and other bits and bobs.

If you don’t have any more room in the rest of the house to hang up your family photographs, perhaps dedicating a small section of the wall in the hallway will add a nice touch.

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